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Licensing Options

We offer MP3 Basic, WAV Unlimited, Stems and Exclusive Licenses. After you purchase, you will immediately receive an email containing your download link(s).

An Exclusive license gives you full freedom to use our production in Unlimited projects (commercial and non-profit). The production is then removed from the website and cannot be resold. If there is a title you’re interested in, but do not see it available exclusively, feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

Credits are required on ALL licenses: Produced by Sound Variety

About Sound Variety

Sound Variety is where creativity flows… Offering Professional Music Production, Songwriting and Voice-overs.

Hadassah Queen O aka HQO started off with an ASR-10 Keyboard and a few sounds on floppy discs back in the late 90s. Various aspects of music have always been apart of her life, from watching her great grandmother named Octavia play the piano, to being heavily influenced by her older brothers who were break dancers and Djs.

In 2011 she formed BBO (now Sound Variety) along with team producer Doc Sizzo, with a primary focus to provide industry professionals with the absolute highest quality of creative beats in a wide variety of styles. Sound Variety has supplied beats for countless indie-artists, film and video producers and audio projects.

When you work with Hadassah, expect friendly customer service and plenty of resources and artist tips headed your way! Thanks for stopping by and hearing what Sound Variety has to offer. Feel free to give us a call M-F 9am-5pm EST.

(513) 580-8203
JAM Session getting started

JAM Session getting started :) Music is JOY and Motivation #jamsisters #soundvariety #recordingartists #songwriters #musicproducers #havingfun #lovewhatido #hqo #cameronjoy

Posted by Sound Variety on Saturday, October 10, 2015